Uplisting Mobile App

Build from scratch a mobile app (iOS and Android) for Uplisting, a Property Management System, to help hosts and property managers manage bookings and guest messaging on the go.
Uplisting Mobile App

Build a mobile app (iOS and Android) for Uplisting - a Property Management System to help host and property managers manage bookings and guest messaging on the go.

Give customers (property hosts and managers) the opportunity to manage their short-term rental business on the go.

  • Check and manage bookings, booking enquiries and requests.
  • Manage nightly rates, restrictions and availability.
  • Message guests.
  • Have an bookings overview on a multi-property calendar and single-property calendar view.

The users of the mobile app are:

  • Property managers and hosts
  • Property owners

Mobile app for iOS and Android (React Native) in addition to a Property Management System (SaaS, B2B).


We started the project with a proof of concept to determine whether rebuilding the booking calendar on mobile with all the required details is feasible. I worked very closely with the Mobile Engineer, creating different wireframes and prototypes. At this stage, our main concerns were accessibility and mobile performance (especially with the diversity of Android devices).

Once we confirmed the technical feasibility, we focused on refining the concept and researching the main customer requests and needs for mobile app functionalities.

An existing app had minimal functionality and old technology, so we started using the new app from scratch.

On the one hand, the existing web wasn't fully mobile-friendly and responsive, and it used a combination of old and new code bases. On the other hand, more than 50% of the customer base used mobile devices, so a brand new mobile app sounded like a good solution.

We focused on rapid prototyping, short development and release cycles, continuous improvement, gathering feedback from beta testers and test customers, and analytics, as well as carefully prioritising feature requests.

I was also fractionally responsible for the app testing and release planning, communicating with Customer Support, Sales, and Marketing, and closely collaborating with Product and Engineering.

During development, we faced many challenges related to app performance, optimising a complex UI for mobile, technical issues, and crashes. As a result of cross-team efforts, keeping in touch with customers and stakeholders, and a lot of testing and refining, we managed to solve them and increase the app usage and adoption and customer satisfaction even in the early development phase.


  • Adoption rate
  • Daily Active Users
  • Crash rates
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