Empowering SaaS companies with tailored UX strategy and solutions
UX Design & Product Expert. Let's collaborate to turn your ideas into successful products!

User Research, UX Design, UX and Product Strategy

I work with companies that struggle to define and validate product ideas or are willing to boost their product UX while solving real problems, providing higher value to their customers, and growing sustainably by building the right things for the right people.

If you want to improve your product or build a meaningful one that people will actually want to use, I will help you do it the right way, save time and money, and significantly increase your chances for success.


I can help you

  • Better understand your market, customers and their real problems and needs.
  • Clearly define problems, business opportunities and your product.
  • Ideate and design concepts and potential solutions.
  • Validate concepts and evaluate the most appropriate solution.
  • Confirm a product idea—market fit or pivot.
  • Save time and money by steering product development in the right direction.
  • Design, refine and test the most optimal solution and build an MVP.


My solution

I will provide you with premium UX design services, combining extensive experience and expertise and inclusive solutions tailored to your product and business needs.


What you get?

  • A reliable design and UX strategy partner.
  • Premium UX and product design consulting services with short-term or long-term commitment.


Why me?

  • I really care about my work impact and your business success.
  • No bullshitting, real contribution and results.
  • I have extensive experience (20+ years) in designing for web, cloud, mobile, and desktop in various domains and industries.

Recent Projects

Uplisting Mobile App

Build from scratch a mobile app (iOS and Android) for Uplisting, a Property Management System, to help hosts and property managers manage bookings and guest messaging on the go.
UX Design
Uplisting Mobile App

Upselling in Property Management Platform

Build upselling functionality to allow vacation rental hosts and property managers to sell additional services and products to their guests and upgrade their experience.
UX Design
Product Design
Upselling in Property Management Platform

What my clients say

See what my clients have to say about their experience working with me.
It was a pleasure working with Emil, who became a very popular member of our team very quickly.

Emil joined our successful SaaS company that was lacking a clear design strategy and ethos. He spent a lot of time discussing with customers to find the best UX and design solutions.

Emil was instrumental in designing our mobile app from scratch along with numerous features used by thousands of customers daily.
Vinny Breslin
Co-founder of Uplisting
Emil Ivanov - UX & Product Design Consultant
Emil Ivanov

User Research, UX Design, UX and Product Strategy

As a seasoned User Experience (UX) and Product Design professional, I bring over 20 years of comprehensive experience in designing for the web, cloud, mobile, and desktop.
My strengths include a robust set of practical skills, deep commitment, empathy and being people-oriented.
I help companies solve real problems and design and build better products that people actually want.
About Me