Upselling in Property Management Platform

Build upselling functionality to allow vacation rental hosts and property managers to sell additional services and products to their guests and upgrade their experience.
Upselling in Property Management Platform

Uplisting - All-in-one Vacation Rental Software and Channel Management System

Uplisting is an all-in-one property and channel management system for the short-term rental industry (SaaS, B2B). It streamlines and automates rental and booking management, guest messaging, payments, and more. More than 1700 customers use the platform to manage upwards of 17,000 properties worldwide.

  • Provide Uplisting customers with the ability to offer additional services and products to their guests, such as early check-in, late check-out, extended stay, mid-stay cleaning, grocery, local experiences, etc.
  • Additional revenue stream for customers and for the business.
  • Empower short-term rental guests to easily upgrade their experience during their stay.

  • Short-term rental property managers and hosts.
  • Guests of vacation rentals.

Build an upselling functionality in the SaaS platform with two touchpoints:

  • Back Office cloud application for managing upsells and orders by property hosts and managers.
  • Booking Confirmation Page for vacation rental guests to request and book additional services (like early check-in, etc.).

Discovery & Definition

We started the project working very closely with the Product Manager and internal and external stakeholders.

Together, we conducted interviews with existing customers to learn about their needs and current solutions for upselling additional services and products to their guests in addition to the bookings.

In parallel with the customer and stakeholder interviews, we conducted extensive domain and competitor analysis to gain insights into the most common market problems and how our direct and indirect competitors solve them.

Ideation & Design

As a next stage, we ideated potential solutions involving also an Engineering Project Lead to have solid input from a technical perspective and feasibility.

After several iterations of creating wireframes and getting feedback and then preparing prototypes, we selected the most appropriate concept that we tested with customers and internal stakeholders and refined.


The implementation started in parallel with the refinements of the design after the latest user testing sessions. Together with Product and Engineering, we did planning and refinement sessions. At a later stage, we synced with marketing, sales, and customer support to plan the launch of the functionality.


Together with the team, we set metrics to record and analyse in two directions:

Metrics for our customers:

→ Total revenue from upselling

→ Net revenue from upselling

→ % of Total revenue (from bookings)

→ % of Net revenue (from bookings)

Metrics for the business:

→ Adoption rate

→ Revenue from upselling

→ % of properties with active upsells

→ Total customer revenue from upselling

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